10 January 2013

Fook Loong Chicken Rice (福龙鸡饭) - Perspective changing chicken rice!

Like many people, I too think that Roast Chicken (烧鸡) with it’s aromatic skin but slightly dry meat has always been a secondary choice as compared to Hainanese Chicken (白斩鸡) that in comparison is succulent and tender. 

But now i have been converted!

Nested in a coffee shop “M Two” in the suburbs of Selangor is a Chicken Rice store, Fook Loong run by a couple, they serves Hainanese Chicken and Roast Chicken, Chicken liver (鸡肝) and gizzard (鸡肫), Roast Pork (烧肉) and Char Siew (叉烧).

Having tried both style of chicken, I will strongly recommend the roast chicken.

The roast chicken and its perfectly roasted skin, which is aromatic and cannot be achieved in Hainanese Chicken and yet the couple have managed to find a way to allow their roast chicken to be as succulent as a normal white chicken!

The Roast Pork served here is also very good, has a nicely done crispy golden brown skin and they usually serve cuts that have a good balance of fats to meat. The BBQ Pork/Char Siew is a tad too sweet for my liking but it’s roasted well and I wasn’t served with parts that are very burnt.

Another thing that they do well as compared other stores is the soup they serve, chicken feet and winter melon soup that is refreshing and compliments the meal with its subtle taste.

During our visit the total bill for 3 came up to RM21 for 2 serving of chicken, 1 serving of roasted pork, chicken liver and gizzard.

Jalan Burung Bebarau 4
52100 Kepong
Kuala Lumpur

Operation hours:

10am - 3pm
*Closes on one Wednesday every two weeks

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